Nita Hill, What Next Big Sky

February 5–28, 2016

New Paintings by Nita Hill


Friday, February 5
Opening Reception
6–9 PM


Last Day:

Sunday, February 28
Open 12–5 PM
Reception 2–4 PM


The painting surface generates possibilities much as the sky generates weather. The paintings in What Next Big Sky are composed of layered acrylic on wood. The use of gesso on wood creates a smooth surface absent the intermediating texture of canvas. The layers of pigment (sometimes dozens), seek to test the limits of acrylic in approaching depths more usually associated with oils. The paintings are color-based and line, when utilized, operates within color rather than color operating within line. Variable sky-colors were chosen to reawaken awareness that the sky is not a fundamental color. Movement and impermanence, characteristics of the sky, were also explored. The paintings seek to call into question the nature and interaction of boundary and motion but do not seek to comment on it. The paintings seek to engage the viewer at a level of response that occurs prior to comment, much as the natural environment stands and moves beside us without comment. The paintings were inspired from time spent looking up from a back-yard hammock. In a fast-paced world, they seek to slow things down, and provide a space where one can return to the simplicity of beholding.

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