Kirkpatrick, Fern, Maidenhair Fern


April 5-27, 2019

Opening Reception

Friday, April 5
5–9 PM

Presenting four women photographers:
Heidi Kirkpatrick
Anna Daedalus
Jayna Conkey
Jan Cook

Left: Heidi KirkpatrickFern, Western Maidenhair Fern, Adiatum aleuticum from Garments of Light Series 27 x 27 inches, 2018, unique cyanotype photogram made in sunlight.

Heidi Kirkpatrick’s Garments of Light and related works are cyanotype photograms on vintage women’s clothing and linens. Her deep Prussian blue images embody slow, careful time—both through her use of historical photographic processes and through layering her own handwork over that of seamstresses and embroiderers from earlier generations.



Jan Cook’s Bright Ideas series of distinctive light bulbs punningly marries form and content. She employs the alternative processes of photograms and chromoskedasic painting to document the utilitarian beauty and creeping obsolescence of historic lighting technology.

Chromoskedasic Painting

Jan Cook,  T-64 5k Globe from Bright Ideas Series, 2018, Photogram with Chromoskedasic Painting on Silver Gelatin Paper.



Jayna Conkey’s Withdrawn series documents mutilated library books from around the country, transforming their pages into new, multi-layered images. Her resulting photographs of anonymous interventions embody the twin responses of censorship and voyeurism.


Jayna Conkey, Elliott Erwitt, Lucienne with Baby, 1953 (from the book Photographs and Anti-Photographs), Withdrawn Series, 11 x 14 inches, 1999, Silver Gelatin Print.


Jayna Conkey, Wilhelm Von Gloeden, Taormina (from the book Taormina), 8.5 x 11 inches, 1999, Archival Inkjet Print (#2 of 10).


Anna Daedalus’s Enfolded series employs folding, sculpting and re-photographing to mimic the sheltering concavity of riparian hollows, wetland and woodland. It responds to the enveloping plenitude and multiplicity of the living world.


Anna Daedalus,  Untitled from the Enfolded Series, 2019, limited edition, archival pigment print.


Anna Daedalus,  Untitled from the Enfolded Series, 2019, limited edition, archival pigment print.


Anna Daedalus,  Untitled from the Enfolded Series, 2019, limited edition, archival pigment print.



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