That Which Is, Drawings by Brad Winter

June 8–July 28, 2018

Brad Winter’s recent drawings are abstract and immediate, the result of process turned loose in an automatic/free manner—creating space/s made new with each successive adventure. He has worked in painting, drawing, collage and a variety of print disciplines. Involved in Portland’s music, art and poetry scenes since the late 1970’s, Winter has shown throughout the Pacific Northwest, including the Oregon Biennial at the Portland Art Museum.

June Opening Reception
June 8
5–9 PM

July Reception + Poetry Reading
July 6
5–9 PM

7–8 PM
Readings by six Portland poets: Casey Bush, Anatoly Molotkov, Dan Raphael, John Sibley Williams, Brad Winter and Laura Winter.


Above: Sour World Sweet I-VII, 2017-18, ink/acrylic on rag paper, 36” x 24” each


Left: mis-confused 2017, ink on rag paper, 18″ x 15″


Disorder on the Border, 2017, ink on rag paper, 20” x 16”


all asunder, 2017, pencil/pastel on rag board, 10” x 12”


Gallery Hours:
Friday & Saturday, 12–5 PM and by appointment


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